How will Knee Sleeper use any personal information I submit?

We do not share, sell, rent, or otherwise disclose personal information to third parties for marketing, commercial, or promotional purposes. In addition, Kneesleeper will not use personal information for any commercial purpose beyond what is requested by the customer. For additional information, please review our privacy policy.

How do I wash my pillow?

Simply pull out the pillow insert and wash the jacket in warm or cold water on a regular cycle and tumble dry on low heat. Re-insert the pillow after drying. Do not put the whole pillow in the washer, as this may damage the pillow’s filament stuffing and reduce the quality of the pillow’s softness and cushioning.

What if I have to get out of bed during the night?

That is not a problem. The Kneesleeper walks with you very easily. Justy spin the pillow to the front of your leg, “shin”,and let the pillow rest on the top of your foot.

What is the cheapest way to return it?

The best way is to go to the post office and ask them for the same plastic envelope you received the pillow in and send it back the most cost-effective postage.

What is your return policy?

We guarantee a comfortable and restful night sleep for all our customers. After 30 days, if you still don’t find our product to be completely satisfying, just call our customer service line at (727) 692-1409 for a return merchandise authorization number (RMA), for a full refund of the purchase price. You will be responsible for the return shipping cost. We will credit your card when we receive the pillow back.

What if it feels awkward or too hot when I wear it?

Like any new routine, there is an adjustment period to get used to it. We found that, if you use it for a week straight, you will not only get used to it but, if you go a night without it after that and use a conventional pillow, you will want to put the Kneesleeper back on. Please give it a full week or more. You will find the negative effects will go away and the comfort wins out.

What if I can’t get my leg into the sock?

While our sizing is designed for the average person’s leg size, there are always exceptions. We have found in our consumer testing that the pillow placed properly along the inside of the legs, even without the sock on, will remain in place.

How does it work?

It stays comfortably in place all night even as you roll over many times during sleep. You don’t have to constantly wake up and adjust its placement, so you sleep longer and don’t interrupt the important sleep cycle.

Can the Kneesleeper help lower back pain sufferers?

While we cannot medically claim this fact, there is evidence to support that when the muscular-skeletal placement of the legs is optimal and the body’s relaxation levels are elevated, there are benefits, such as reducing lower back pain or hip muscle pain for athletes and other ancillary benefits, to enhance the relaxation that a full, restful sleep cycles brings.

You say it relaxes the legs and helps me to get to sleep faster?

When the ankles find their place on the pillow, both legs relax completely. This in turn relaxes the muscles in the lower back and the rest of the body can follow suit. Relaxation is a very important precursor to entering the first phase of the 90-minute sleep cycle that rejuvenates the body and mind every night.

What are the comforting effects and why is it so important to be sized right?

After many months of testing, it was found that it was not the cushioning of the knee that was so important but finding the “sweet spot” for the ankle of the loose leg to rest on. When the loose ankle, whether on top or below, finds the fattest, puffiest part of the pillow, you will feel an immediate comforting sensation we call the “ahhhh factor.”

Why is it so long and can I get a shorter one?

The pillow is most effective when it extends from as high up the inside thigh all the way to the bottom sole of the foot. If the pillow is too short and doesn’t go from the bottom of the foot to well above the knee, the comforting effects are severely affected.

Will my legs feel uncomfortably hot when using this pillow?

Some people have reported feeling hot, but if you are a side-sleeper and use a conventional pillow, then it would produce the same feeling as any pillow used between the legs. The Kneesleeper does not make anything hotter than a regular pillow does. The Kneesleeper has a flexible fabric of cotton that breathes better than all other fabrics. If you experience heat, remove any sheets or covers from your legs and the heat will go away. A light fleece can be pulled over your lower body should you feel cold during the night.

Can I wear it on either leg?

Yes, you can wear it on either leg. For people who don’t roll much or at all during the night, it is recommended to be worn on the bottom leg. This allows the upper leg to be uncovered and stays cooler on hot nights.

What is the Kneesleeper Pillow?

The Kneesleeper is a combination pillow and sock in one design to help people who sleep on their side and experience knee-to-knee contact pain during the night. The typical remedy is to stuff a throw pillow or conventional pillow between the legs and attempt to sleep through the night.