About Us

Approximately 5 years ago I developed a mild form of sleep apnea like millions of Americans today.  The only way I can sleep is on one side or the other and I have to roll over at least every hour.  Any knee contact soon became painful so I took a throw pillow and placed it between my knees.

While this worked to a point, when I woke up I had to fish around to find it and place it again.  Enough of this prompted me to take a regular queen pillow and placed  it between my knees.  This worked well enough staying put but in order to roll over I had to wake up, reach down and force the pillow to roll with me.

The problem I still faced was having to wake up all the time to roll the pillow as I rolled over. This caused me significant sleep deprivation as sleep cycles are generally 90 minutes. And proper sleep is 5 or more full cycles during the night to avoid any sleep deprivation.  Sleep deprivation is one of the highest health problems in the U.S. today.

After 5 years fighting the pillow I decided to find someone who would sew my idea for the KneeSleeper Pillow.  A pillow that operates like a sock to stay with you and roll with you during the night.  No more waking and forcing.

It turned out to work better than I ever dreamed.  I originally just wanted one for me and found the results to be so good that I wanted to make a product out of the idea to share with the millions of people who suffer as I did.  I can’t sleep without it now.  I get as much as 6 hours uninterrupted sleep and feel so much better the next day.  Some people close to me say I’m actually a nicer person…hmmm.

I believe this pillow will help millions of people who suffer the same dilemma I did and isn’t the goal of helping people live better lives the most rewarding thing to do with our creative minds and energies?

Lee Strebeigh