Four Benefits KneeSleeper Offers


Supports the entire leg reducing pressure points/pain to knee and ankles that other “knee” pillows cause. Weight distribution and full cushioning create superior comfort and eliminates painful contact.


Pillow is shaped like the leg and worn as a sock which allows it to roll with you without having to wake up, reach down and force it as conventional pillows require you to do. This permits undisturbed sleep for longer periods during the night resulting in greater body and mind rejuvenation.


Almost instant relaxation for both legs which helps the overall body relax, bringing on sleep much faster. The relaxing effect has been shown to migrate to the lower back relieving morning stiffness and lower back pain in many users. This result cannot be overlooked for people suffering lower back pain.


Design encourages sidesleepers to keep legs vertically perpendicular to the bed surface. This maintains proper muscular/skeletal orientation minimizing torsion to the muscles/ligaments of the pelvic area and lower back. (The wearer will want to keep the legs positioned one atop the other to get the most cushioning comfort).

Superior comfort, stays in place and moves with you, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and reduces lower back pain.

Market analysis indicates more than 70 million people sleep on their sides and most of them use some kind of conventional pillow to avoid painful knee contact and have to fight with it all night to keep it in place or roll over. This design solves both these issues.

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Knee Sleeper Pillow Sizing Chart

  • Tall- 30" for people 5'7" to 6'0" or 30" Pants Inseam
  • Medium- 25" for people 5'0" to 5'6" or 25" Pants Inseam
  • Small- 20" for people 4'11" or less or 20" Pants Inseam
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Lower back pain sufferers are almost everyone at some time or another.

Other applications/markets for this pillow include Maternity, Knee replacements, Hospice and Hospital patients, Rehabilitation patients, chronic lower back pain sufferers, Restless Leg Syndrome, Orthopedic and Chiropractors to name just a few.